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BA Pharma is moving forward with confident steps towards becoming a reliable partner in the distribution of medicines for clinical research companies, manufacturers and suppliers. 

As a comprehensive service provider, we offer the following services to our customers. 

  • Making research and feasibility studies before marketing.
  • Analysing prices and reimbursement opportunities.
  • Providing marketing consulting service and KOL management.
  • Organizing emergency, additional and background supplies of medicines and medical devices.
  • Providing fast access to drugs with worldwide database system.
  • Developing appropriate supply scenarios, preparing and implementing supply agreements in accordance with customer-specified requirements.
  • Operating in a model ensuring safe supply chains, certified suppliers, product identifiers and continuous recall models for product availability.
  • Providing urgent needs for orphan drugs.
  • Using high quality tracking system in all processes from supply to delivery.
  • Informing manufacturers and business partners about the whole process without interruption.
  • Working worldwide by using active and passive cooling systems for temperature control for shipments and storage by adhering to GDP and GMP standards worldwide is an integral part of the contract.

 While working with BA Pharma as an independent provider in the complexity of the healthcare industry, our customers ensure that the privacy and transparency required for the safety of their business is ensured. 

We offer our partners, as a result of this cooperation,

  • Stable quality standards, regardless of geographical region
  • Direct access to distribution concepts for reference medicines and medical devices worldwide
  • Efficient cooperation through storage facilities and customs warehouses
  • Savings opportunities and supply integration are provided in terms of packaging, commercial, logistics and distribution by creating a combination of all processes,